League Scheduler 6.0

League Scheduler 6.0: Get Your League Schedules Out in Minutes Instead of Days! Scheduler software to create your round-robin or traveling league schedules. Just enter your locations, teams, game times and start date. League Scheduler automatically creates your schedule based on the parameters you`ve specified. There is no limit on the number of schedules you can create and you can have up to 40 teams per schedule. League Scheduler generates several different reports to help you manage your games including League Schedule, Team

HiBase Task Scheduler 2.21: Advanced repetitive tasks scheduler
HiBase Task Scheduler 2.21

Scheduler comes to the rescue. The program allows you to schedule various tasks. You can run applications at certain times, execute files using Windows file associations, copy/rename/delete files, etc. Task Scheduler has built-in ZIP compression support too. HiBase Task Scheduler is able to automate simple tasks as well as complex multi-step operations. For automation of simple tasks, the program offers an easy-to-use wizard. While you can schedule

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Anasoft Helena 1.5.2: Helena is a system level instruction engine which can increase your productivity
Anasoft Helena 1.5.2

Scheduler. Autowork is a system level instruction engine, or you can call it an extended macro tool. You can use it to perform streams of user actions and system operations automatically and in a controllable way. Scheduler is a delicate scheduler, reminder and organizer. It can also be used to schedule the running of Autowork macros. These two tools can work together to help you complete tedious repetitive jobs in your work or life automatically

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CMS Scheduler 3.05: CMS Scheduler automatic task scheduler
CMS Scheduler 3.05

Scheduler can be used to automate all those manual tasks which you would otherwise do by hand or by running batch files. Generally, it is recommended that CMS Scheduler is set up on a PC which is not going to be in regular use by a user. CMS Scheduler runs as a client and server. The server is the component which performs all of the scheduling and the running of tasks and runs as a Windows Service. The client is a front-end to the server to enable

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MS Access Scheduler Template 4.0: An MS Access Database Template designed to save you time and help you learn
MS Access Scheduler Template 4.0

Scheduler Database Template designed to save you time and help you learn. A Microsoft Access Scheduler database that you can use as a template. It runs Resources (visual calendar task scheduler that dig into a daily view) Topics Employee And much more ... You will learn: How to use a scheduler in the form of a calendar How to design a security system (With a login and password form) How to use a date selector How to create a rolodex manager for customer

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 ! - Macro Scheduler 1.0: Macro Scheduler allows you to create macros in order to control your Windows ap
! - Macro Scheduler 1.0

Scheduler script language, now supports subroutines and array type variables. Scripts can also include Microsoft VBScript code, combining the power and ease of use of the Macro Scheduler script engine with the popular syntax of VBScript, and allows increased flexibility and advanced OLE/ActiveX automation.Macro Scheduler saves you time by allowing you to create scripts or record macros to automate any task. More than 200 script commands and standard

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Scheduler Extra 2.0: Scheduler of new generation
Scheduler Extra 2.0

Scheduler of new generation. In contrast to standard windows scheduler the Scheduler Extra can not only start applications, but it allows to show messages, turn of computer, monitor, set up loudness of sound, eject CD-ROM and many others features. Supported possibility of operating on setting time, on timer, at Windows startup and itc.

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